Fiery smokey halloumi and a sweaty summer.

Cheese is a humble, simple ingredient. Yet a crowd pleaser, a show stopper. Halloumi cheese is the perfect canvas. This recipe is easy and versatile. It can be stuffed in a pita, tossed through a salad. Or just be the star as a toe-curling-finger-licking-oscar-winning snack.
As any leading lady, Halloumi needs a best friend. Meet Smoked Paprika. Cue some sensual music. In walks Green Cayenne. Fireworks. Big smooch. And the rest is history.

What a beautiful union! Grab a beer, dig in and soak up the rays.

What do I need to make FIERY SMOKED HALLOUMI happen?

Serves 4, as a snack
Preparation time: 15 mins

5ml Cumin
10ml Smoked paprika
Ground black pepper
Smoked sea salt (regular coarse salt will also do the trick)
15ml Extra Virgin olive oil
500g halloumi, sliced in logs
4 Fresh green/ red cayenne peppers
Fresh mint and lemon for serving

Equipment: Griddle pan; spatula

1. Mix the cumin, smoked paprika, pepper, sea salt and olive oil into a paste
2. Place griddle pan over high heat; no oil is needed
3. Rub the halloumi logs with the paste. Show some passionate affection.
4. When the pan is smoking hot; lay the halloumi logs down
5. Grill for about 1-2 minutes on each side
6. Slice the cayenne peppers
7. Top halloumi with cayenne peppers, fresh mint and a squeeze of lemon. Dig in!

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Meet Mynderd. Hi, nice to meet you! Needless to say I'm passionate about food. Friends, family, copious amounts of wine, beer, baking and sandy feet can be added to the list. I'm not a chef. I'm also not a photographer. I'm not about complicated, tweezer-placed food. I am about simple, toe-curling-good food. I studied Food Consumer Science at the University of Pretoria. Graduated in 2013 and kept on travelling the wonderful world of food. Hop on!


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