Essen Eatery, simple slow fast food.

This blog is a celebration of simple, no fuss, mouthwatering food. Food made fast, as quick as you can say “Bloody beetroot!”
Only in-season ingredients are used.
Now what is this slow-fast contradiction about? You ask.
Good question.
Even though all recipes are low in preparation time (the fast part), our heart lies with the promotion of local produce. As well as the preservation of traditional, family-favorite cooking. All this resulting in a passionate love affair between Essen, local farmers and heirloom produce varieties. The slow food part.
Belt up! Time to go to flavour town.


  1. Adrienne Croeser

    Hi, do you have a restaurant? If yes, where is it? :)

    • image
      Mynderd Pistorius

      Adrienne! No unfortunately not. Well not yet. However we do catering in Pretoria & Johannesburg.

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