The Patrick Swayze Salad





After a good night out this will set you right. No, who am I kidding? You want grease. BUT do not fret, this one is still magnificently good. So good you’ll forget all your troubles and headache. The crunch of the asparagus. The softness of the egg. The subtle pepper of the rocket. And to top it of, the crispy, salty bacon. If this salad was a human it would be the Patrick Swayze of salads.

With its exceptional good rhythm (the ingredients are just perfect together, naturally there’ll be dancing) this salad will make you wish you were Baby in the corner. It’s that bloody charming.

The Patrick Swayze

What you’ll need for the salad:

150g     Asparagus

2 cups  Wild rocket

6           Free range eggs

200g    Diced bacon

Mustard-Lime Dressing

30ml     All grain mustard

30ml     Extra Virgin Olive Oil

30ml     Lime juice

5ml       Lime zest

Pinch of sea salt

Get the timer ready, you’re about to start:

1. Steam the asparagus for 4 minutes. You still want that crunch. Topple with cold water to keep it green.

2. Boil the eggs for 6 minutes. Trust me, they will be perfect.

3. Place bacon over high heat. No need to add extra oil, it’s greasy enough. Fry until crispy, set aside to cool.

4. For the dressing, add all ingredients in a small bowl. Whisk with a fork until combined.

5. Assemble the salad. Place all the ingredients together in a bowl. Topple over dressing. Toss. Shake. Channel your inner Baby. Now smother that beautiful face with Patrick Swayze. Cue Time of my Life. The stage is yours.

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Meet Mynderd. Hi, nice to meet you! Needless to say I'm passionate about food. Friends, family, copious amounts of wine, beer, baking and sandy feet can be added to the list. I'm not a chef. I'm also not a photographer. I'm not about complicated, tweezer-placed food. I am about simple, toe-curling-good food. I studied Food Consumer Science at the University of Pretoria. Graduated in 2013 and kept on travelling the wonderful world of food. Hop on!

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